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What time does class start in Galloway?

Kid's Karate (Age 3- 6)5:00pm5:00pm5:00pm
Youth Karate 1 (Age 7 - 9) 5:00pm5:00pm5:00pm
Youth Karate 2 (Age 10 - 13)6:00pm6:00pm6:00pm
Adult Karate (Age 14 - Up)7:00pm7:00pm7:00pm
Kids Capoeira (Age 3 - 13)5:00pm5:00pm
Adult Capoeira (Age 14 - Up)8:30pm8:30pm
Cardio Kickboxing6:00pm6:00pm
Brazilian Jiujitsu8:30pm
Muay Thai7:00pm7:00pm
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Got Questions?

Typically we start the at age 3. It is a case by case basis however and solely up to the Head Master. You can purchase a One Week trail lesson to see it your child qualifies for membership.

We have special needs students who've been members for many years. Although we cannot accomodate every special needs person, this will be on a case by case basis, and is up to the discretion of the Head Master.

As for the disabled, they are welcome and do what ever they can do within their disability comforts.

Our members offer a fully supportive environment for people with speacial needs or disabilites.

Our rates depend on a few factors such as how many people on the membership discount, etc. We do not do long term commitments. 

We offer discounts for enrolled college students as well as active and verteran military. This also includes discounts for Police, Emergency, and 1st Responders. You valid I.D. must be current and verified.

Come as much as you like.

Because not all Karate is the same, this is a case by case basis and is up to the discretion of the Head Master.

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