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(Age 7 - 9)

Freestyle Martial Arts Academy's youth program is designed for two purposes; to improve the student's body and mind. 

Through martial arts and self-defense your child will see an increase in balance, coordination, and fitness all while sharpening the mind with strong focus and improved concentration.

Through our Character development program you will notice a positive change in your child. This program is designed to challenge the student's mentally and physically to develop an 

"I CAN DO IT" attitude. 

Through this attitude the student will learn to overcome obstacles in martial arts, school, and life. By overcoming these adversities, this youth karate program will help your child become better goal-setter and goal-getters.

Is this program right for my child?

The main reason that many parents do not enroll their children in karate schools and classes is not that they may get hurt, but rather it will make them violent, and they will act out their lessons around other children. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Martial arts training insists that it be applied only in appropriate situations – in training class, in competitive tournaments, and in self-defense only if no other option is available (including fleeing). Students who do not want to adhere to these expectations are not allowed to advance or remain in the school. Fortunately, children respond to proper modeling of expectations, and they do not take their lessons beyond the training room.