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(Age 3 - 13)

Capoeira is great for kids. It combines martial arts, gymnastics, music and dance for an extremely active and acrobatic, fun and challenging workout.

Children of all ages learn Capoeira very quickly because of their natural agility. The fun friendly atmosphere develops confidence and self esteem. Capoeira is also great for developing coordination. Capoeira movements involve the entire body, they develop strength and increase flexibility. The Capoeira music motivates and creates an exciting learning atmosphere. Children learn to sing in Portuguese and play the traditional Capoeira instruments.

What will my child learn?

Capoeira teaches children Capoeira moves, basic defensive grappling, acrobatics, and the Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary. Capoeira kids classes are available for ages 3 and up. If your child has a lot of energy or needs to get out and move more, bring them to try a free Capoeira class on us.