What age do you take members

We generally take students at the age of 4 years old. However, we have taken them as young as 3 years old provided that they are potty trained, able to follow simple commands, and can articulate some of their feelings. This is totally up to the Head Masters' discretion.

Do I have to sign a long time contract?

We have a month to month plan that you can purchase. Most of our members however find that the 3 month membership pass works better for them and lessens the commitment. They also save money on this plan.

How many days a week should I attend classes?

Most of our members simply love it here at Freestyle, so they come to every class. We suggest coming at least once or twice a week.

Do you accept hadicapped or special needs members?

Indeed we do. You will see that the students here are patient and kind, as well as helpful and supportive to those with physical or mentl limitations. Keep in mind that we cannot help some special needs people do to the environment but will try our very best to accommodate.

Can I try a free week to see if I or my child likes the program?

Everyone must sign up for a $19 Trial Week prior to signing up.

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