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(Age 10 - 13)

Our older youth program is designed to develop unshakeable self-confidence, rock solid self-esteem and laser beam focus.

Through our martial arts and Character development program your child will begin to live life to their full potential. Though martial arts is not viewed as a team sport, students will learn to help others, be leaders, and empower others to do their best.

Students will not only be trained to defend themselves physically, they will also learn to protect their minds which will allow them to use their words to stop a physical altercation from occurring without having to throw a punch or kick.

Advantages to children learning martial arts

Karate and other martial arts, besides delivering sound physical exercise, teaches self-confidence and respect – respect for others and for oneself. In children, these are exceptionally important life skills, especially for those who do not mature physically as fast as others. The self-confidence that comes from knowing how to do something, and how to protect oneself, reduces fear and improves self-esteem. This translates into good grades and leadership in school.