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Kids Karate (Age 3-6)

This program is structured to help build your child's social skills. Perfect for your preschoolers, Freestyle Martial Arts Academy's Little Ninjas program is a safe, fun, healthy environment that will increase your child's fitness and focus.

Youth Karate (Age 7-9)

Freestyle Martial Arts Academy's youth program is designed for two purposes; to improve the student's body and mind.
Through martial arts and self-defense your child will see an increase in balance....

Youth Karate (Age10-13)

Our Youth program is designed to develop unshakeable self-confidence, rock solid self-esteem and laser beam focus. Through our martial arts and Character development program you child will begin to live life....

Adult Karate (Age 14 & Up)

Are you ready to look and feel amazing while giving yourself the unstoppable self-defense protection that's as effective as a suit of armor? Freestyle Martial Arts Academy has developed a unique program that blends the very best....

Kids Capoeira (Age 3 & Up)

Capoeira is great for kids. It combines martial arts, gymnastics, music and dance for an extremely active and acrobatic, fun and challenging workout....

Adult Capoeira (Age 14 & Up)

Born almost 500 years ago among the African slaves of Brazil, Capoeira is a cultural phenomenon unique to Brazil. Transcending dance, fighting and artistic expression, it is a uniquely holistic....

Cardio Boxing/Kickboxing

Are you looking for an easy way to lose weight and transform yourself into a fit, healthy, fat-burning machine? The Kickboxing classes at the Freestyle Martial Arts Academy are your solution! In no time at all, our awesome....


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Walk into any academy and talk to some of the students who have just started training Brazilian jiu jitsu and ask them what it’s has done for them. Most respond with things like, “I lost so much weight,” or, “My body is so....

Muay Thai

One of the fastest growing fighting styles in the UK, Muay Thai is two thousand years of combat history distilled into the ‘science of eight limbs’, in which the fighter employs fists, shins, knees and elbows, plus a form of stand-up grappling....


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