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Muay Thai

Youth Karate

One of the fastest growing fighting styles, Muay Thai is two thousand years of combat history distilled into the ‘science of eight limbs’, in which the fighter employs fists, shins, knees and elbows, plus a form of stand-up grappling known as clinch work.

Its power and simplicity mean it’s widely regarded as the world’s most effective martial art and it has exploded globally in recent years, winning fans both as a breath-taking ring sport and a vital component of mixed martial arts. In the process it’s made superstars of two-times K1 World Max champion Buakaw Por Pramuk and ‘Ong-Bak’ actor Tony Jaa, as well as countless big MMA names.

Unlike in boxing, Muay Thai fighters can make full use of punches, elbows, kicks, knees and clinch work to neutralise their opponents. As well as a very effective fighting style Muay Thai is a lot of fun and a tremendous work-out. Here at Freestyle Martial Arts Academy, we offer multiple classes daily to beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

Strengthen Your Body

Let’s be honest here: Muay Thai training is tough. Each session lasts from 1 to 2 hours and incorporates multiple rounds of shadow boxing, heavy bagwork, padwork, strength training and conditioning exercises. A traditional training for fighters will even include a 3-5km run as a warm-up. A sore body today is a strong body tomorrow. Clearly, training Muay Thai regularly will improve overall fitness and strengthen the body.


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