Teen/Adult Karate

Are you ready to look and feel amazing while giving yourself the unstoppable self-defense protection that's as effective as a suit of armor? Freestyle Martial Arts Academy has developed a unique program that blends the very best self-defense moves with effective and traditional methods of Karate that doubles as a healthy workout that tops any other fitness programs you've ever tried - guaranteed! We'll get you fit, firm and flexible all while improving your self-defense skills.


Our Teen and Adult Martial Arts classes are simply the best self-defense and martial arts classes you'll find anywhere throughout the area. That's because we're serious about self-defense! We'll show you how to defend yourself without weapons, using nothing but your hands and feet.

Through this attitude the student will learn to overcome obstacles in martial arts, school, and life. By overcoming these adversities, this youth karate program will help your child become better goal-setter and goal-getters.

Freestyle welcomes everyone to stop and and become a member of our award winning Martial Arts programs.

609.705.4300: Galloway / 609300.3744: Camden
Freestyle I - 319 E. Jimmie Leeds Rd, Galloway, NJ 

Freestyle II - 3500 Federal Street, Camden, NJ
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